Ansje Fortuin

Office: Route 767, Room 36
Telephone: +31 24 3618766
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Ansje Fortuin loves to work in the field as a radiologist on one hand as well as to discover new imaging techniques or utilizations on the other hand. Her goal is to bring the best imaging technique in the best, preferably simplest way within the reach of every patient. Ansje started her PhD at the Radboud university medical center in September 2010. Her research focuses on molecular and functional imaging techniques towards detecting lymph node metastasis in prostate cancer patients. Her main focus is towards nano-fluid (USPIO’s, former name: Sinerem) enhanced MRI. She is supervised by Tom Scheenen and Prof. Jelle Barentsz. Ansje also works three days a week in a non-academic Dutch hospital as a radiologist. She was trained as a radiologist at the Deventer Hospital from 2007-2013.