Liesbeth Peters-Bax

Office: Route 766, Room 14
Telephone: +31 24 3617549
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Liesbeth Peters-Bax graduated medical school at the University of Utrecht in September 1999 and started on the research project that lead to her thesis in December the same year. She conducted a multicentre randomized clinical trial comparing medical treatment with stent placement in patients with renal failure and renal artery stenosis. After three years of research, she started her radiology residency in January 2003 at the University Medical Centre in Utrecht (Prof.dr. J.P.J. van Schaik). One year of her residency was performed in Paris at the Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou (Prof. G. Frija). She interrupted her radiology training to finish her research and obtained her PhD on the thesis entitled "Renal function and atherosclerotic renal artery disease" in August 2008 (prof.dr. W.P.Th.M. Mali). She completed her residency in November 2009 and is a clinical staff member radiologist at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre since September 2010. Her areas of interest comprise abdominal and thoracic imaging, and she is coordinator for student education in radiology.