Marco Caballo

Office: Route 767, Room 33
Telephone: +31 24 3618763
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Marco Caballo studied biomedical engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy). He graduated in 2016 when he obtained his MSc in medical imaging, image processing and analysis, and medical devices. He graduated with a thesis in the field of 3D medical image analysis algorithms for cancer imaging. During his MSc thesis at Biolab (Polytechnic University of Turin) he worked on a computer-aided diagnosis project for the automatic quantification of 3D cancer vascular patterns detected by vascular ultrasound imaging, aiming at extracting imaging biomarkers for thyroid and prostate tumor diagnosis. Once graduated, after an experience as a software engineer in Turin, he started, in January 2017, his PhD within the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in the AXTI lab. During his PhD, he mainly works on image computing techniques to characterize and optimize tomographic breast imaging methods, especially by developing image analysis and machine learning algorithms for breast cancer imaging, detection and characterization in 3D and 4D breast CT images. As a secondary project (in cooperation with the ear-nose-throat surgery department), he also works to develop novel image analysis algorithms for high-resolution CT cochlea images, with the aim of improving the surgical outcome of cochlear implants by reducing risk of intracochlear trauma and loss of residual hearing.