Otto Boerman

Office: Route 756, Room 11
Telephone: +31 24 3614048
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Otto C. Boerman (Lochem, 1959) studied Chemistry at the University of Nijmegen. From 1985 until 1990, he was a junior investigator at the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Nijmegen, where he wrote his thesis, entitled ‘Development and Application of Monoclonal Antibodies Against Ovarian Carcinoma-Associated Antigens.’ As a fellow of the Dutch Cancer Society he worked at the Center for Molecular Medicine and Immunology in Newark, NJ (1990-1991) on targeting cancer with radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies. Subsequently, he worked at the Biological Response Modifiers Program of the National Institutes of Health in Frederick, MD (1991-1992) on the in vivo effects of IL-7. When he returned to The Netherlands in 1992, he started his preclinical research group. Currently he heads the TRACER research group at the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. In this group preclinical research focuses on radionuclide imaging and radionuclide therapy with radiolabeled peptides and antibodies. Otto Boerman is a member of the editorial board of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM), The European Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging (EJNMMI), Cancer, Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals (CB&R) and The American Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (AJNMMI). He was (co-)promoter of 30 PhD candidates and is co-author of over 415 publications.