Tom Peeters

Office: Route 767
Telephone: +31 24 3652302
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Tom Peeters graduated in 2012 from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) at the department of Biomedical Engineering. In the Biomedical NMR group of professor Klaas Nicolay and in collaboration with the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC) he worked on diffusion tensor imaging of myocardial fiber architecture. From May 2012 Tom worked as a Junior Researcher at the Prostate Cancer Imaging Lab of professor John Kurhanewicz at University of California San Francisco(UCSF). Here he worked on the development of diffusion spectroscopy methods to separate intra- and extracellular hyperpolarized metabolites in tumor cells.In July 2013 Tom started as a PhD student in the Biomedical MR research group of the Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen, supervised by professor Arend Heerschap. Tom is involved in a project that focuses on MR Spectroscopy of energy metabolism in IDH1-mutated brain tumors. From cell culture studies and preclinical in vivo experiments to a clinical patient study, he is using various techniques (including X-nuclei NMR and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization hyperpolarization)) to take a step forward to unravel the very complex metabolic pathways in brain tumors. The project is in collaboration with the Tumor Targeting group of dr. William Leendersof the department of Pathology.