Vascular regeneration using cells, biomaterials and (pro)drugs.

M. ter Meer

Promotor: L. Schultze Kool, L. van den Heuvel (Leuven)
Radboud University,Nijmegen, The Netherlands
November 27, 2019


The ideal (cardio)vascular implant does not yet exist, therefore several approaches towards improving current treatment options were explored in this thesis, with the aim to achieve localized and targeted therapy. Customized metal stents with grooves were coated with endothelial cells in an effort to speed up cellular healing. Collagen scaffolds with novel self-expanding properties were studied as a potential biological endovascular implant. Implant mediated prodrug catalysis using either enzyme coated metals or metals with the inherent capacity to catalyze prodrugs into drugs were explored as a potential alternative to drug eluting stents.

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